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Blueberry Auto is an autoflowering indica-dominant strain. She has the aroma and taste of the authentic Blueberry, a tasty, powerful classic 80% indica/20% sativa hybrid with a lineage dating back to the 1970s. It was achieved by crossing Thai landraces with Colombian and Mexican strains, and one of the results was Juicy Fruit. The hybrid strain Juicy Fruit was later crossed with an Afghan landrace by DJ Short, creating the very first Blueberry in 1979. The buds and leaves of the new variety had a blue hue and smelled of berries and fruits. For this reason, DJ Short aptly named him Blueberry.


The autoflowering version of the Alpine Iberian Seed Company is characterized by its high stability, which through many generations of selection and refinement has become one of the best autoflowering strains on the market, producing dense and potent buds but easy to grow and manage. The effect is typical of a good indica, producing strong euphoria and deep relaxation. The exceptional resin production makes it a good choice for making extracts and hashish.

8-10 weeks of flowering, sweet and fruity taste reminiscent of berries and especially, as the name suggests, blueberries.


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